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Attorneys are considered debt collectors and here at the Law Offices of Mitchell J. Malzberg we are amongst the top debt collectors in the state on behalf of our various clients. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, approved by Congress in 1977 and subsequently amended, provides many restrictions on the activities of debt collectors. The Fair Debt Collections Practices Act applies to all consumer claims but not commercial claims (claims between 2 business entities). Our experience coupled with our knowledge and expertise in this restrictive Act, makes the Law Offices of Mitchell J. Malzberg the right choice in finding success in collecting on your business’ outstanding claims.

Businesses are often faced with customers failing to pay for goods sold or services rendered or monies loaned. Commercial debt is part of every business and is a difficult situation. However, when your business is faced with this predicament, with the assistance and extensive experience of our firm, collecting on your claims can become a reality.

At the Law Offices of Mitchell J. Malzberg, debt collection is one of our specialties. The goal is to swiftly assist your business to collect and recover your commercial debt. In addition, our firm can aid your business in developing better commercial practices and credit policies to avoid future collection difficulties. The Law Offices of Mitchell J. Malzberg is adept at and offers assistance to your business in developing collection policies and procedures by reviewing your existing contracts, credit applications and invoices with a view towards maximizing your collection results. In today’s complex business world, many companies sell their goods or provide services on credit to their customers. Despite a strong credit department monitoring your receivables along with credit checks and monitoring of your customers, oftentimes some of your sales to customers lead to unpaid receivables. Sometimes even your best and long time customers unexpectedly fall on hard times and you are faced with a situation of needing to file a collection action.

Typically, your business transaction(s) with your customers begin with a contract or a credit application. In a typical business setting, businesses extend credit to their customers on thirty (30), forty five (45) or sixty (60) day terms. The sales transaction then generates an invoice for the sale of the goods or services rendered. The services are performed and/or the goods are delivered and received. The invoice contains the terms and time frame when payment is to be received and is recorded in the company’s books and records. In spite of a strong credit policy, every business faces situations in which a customer does not pay its’ invoices. Notwithstanding in house attempts at collection, sooner or later every business needs to take legal action and are in need of an experienced firm who handles commercial debt collection.

Despite your company’s attempt at past due notices or letters and placing of often unanswered phone calls or even a visit to the customer, the fact remains that the customer will not pay despite making promise for payment. At this juncture, it is time to turn the matter over to an experienced debt collection firm. The Law Offices of Mitchell J. Malzberg has over 20 years of experience in all aspects of commercial debt collection. Our firm analyzes each customer’s unique situation and reviews the documents and case carefully. Once the claim is turned over, the Law Offices of Mitchell J. Malzberg will analyze your matter and file efficiently and expeditiously. Our firm will swiftly and efficiently handle your matter and recommend the best course of action to take. Our firm is in constant communication with you utilizing communications via phone, email or written correspondence. Our many years of experience has shown that the longer you wait to turn over your claim can affect and diminish the odds of collecting on the debt. In other words, the faster you act to collect on your claims increases your odds of collecting on that claim.

Mr. Malzberg is an experienced and highly regarded advocate having presented at numerous seminars on Commercial Debt Collection in New Jersey. His firm is well respected by his peers and clients alike with the lawyers and staff always acting in a professional manner. Here at the Law Offices of Mitchell J. Malzberg our firm makes every effort to collect on your debts to recover monies for your business. Depending on your particular situation, there are many tools one can use to assist in collecting your businesses monies. For instance, if your claim is related to the construction industry, a construction lien or bond claim may be an appropriate course of action. Our firm has extensive experience in commercial collection and will advise you as to the best course of action depending on your particular situation. Our firm prides itself on aggressive representation on behalf of our clients to produce the best results for our particular clients’ needs. Utilizing an experienced professional at the Law Offices of Mitchell J. Malzberg will undoubtedly improve your collection outcome and results.


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